By The Sea 2015

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By The Sea 2015

Post by Rhino2_UK on Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:40 am

This film, set in the 1970s, was written and directed by Angelina Jolie. Given that amount of creative input I like to infer that she felt her character must wear slips. Interestingly her slips are much prettier than co-star Melanie Laurent's; did Angelina want to keep the best for herself?

17 mins in Ms Jolie is out walking the sea breeze is fluttering her red skirt with glimpses of white slip. About 6 secs.
31m A scene lasting about 3m 25s. AJ is wearing a black fullslip with delicate lace at the bodice, ribbon straps and a very deep lace hem. Mostly we see very little of her slip but the shots of her sitting on her bed reveal the slip in all it's glory
42m About 38s of AJ undressing, the bit where the camera follows her skirt falling to the floor showing off the deep lace hem of the same black fullslip is quite magical
52m About 10s AJ is sitting on the floor in a white skirt with some white slip lace peeking
57m About 3m 33s. AJ is wearing a beautiful white fullslip with a black skirt but no top. White lace peeks from below the skirt
67m About 1m 10s Melanie Laurent in her hotel room removes her short dress to reveal a white mini fulllslip without lace adornment. There are several other scenes where I wondered if ML's slip was showing; or whether she was wearing only her fullslip or was it a nightie.
69m About 10s AJ is getting ready to go out sitting in front of a mirror in her delightful white fullslip but we see very little of it.
74m About 10s ML in her plain white mini fullslip
82m About 36s The best bit of the film for me, a head to toe shot of AJ standing in her room wearing the beautiful white fullslip, she is also seen from a distance out on her balcony
94m About 10s AJ is wearing a white skirt with a short vent at the back, her white slip shows as she walks.

Something of a minor slip-fest by today's standards. I'll have to get the DVD and see if Angelina talks about slips in the extras.


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Re: By The Sea 2015

Post by banger on Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:53 pm

just downloaded movie on sky cinema will watch tomorrow cant wait Very Happy


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