The Ghost Camera 1933

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The Ghost Camera 1933

Post by Rhino2_UK on Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:14 pm

Ida Lupino is trying to solve the mystery of photos that turned up on her brother's camera, her brother is missing. She is being helped by the man that found the camera. They have to make an unscheduled overnight stop, therefore no luggage. I've seen this sort of situation arise in old films before, the solution for the lady being to take her dress off and sleep in her fullslip. Unfortunately we didn't get to see that happen. During the night Ida is woken by a man climbing through the window into her room, her screams scare the intruder off but she is still distraught and so gets out of bed and runs to her co-conspirator's room allowing the viewer to see what she went to bed in. It is a white mini-fullslip with contrasting black lace trim. She looks great in it.

This was right I the middle of the film and lasted about 2 mins.


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