The War Lover (1962)

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The War Lover (1962)

Post by Rhino2_UK on Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:36 am

From the link above 0:55:20 to 0:58:12 Shirley Anne Field entertains at home, she’s wearing a beautiful white fullslip, lace at bodice and hem, shoestring straps. Unfortunately she puts a dressing gown on allowing only little peeks.
1:08:27 to 1:08:38 SAF sitting on her bed in her slip putting on stockings.
1:16:36 to 1:18:02 SAF emerges from her bedroom at night in her stunning slip partially covered by a gaping robe and opens her front door. From this point the robe and the camera angles conspire to reveal next to nothing.

Some stills:


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