A Streetcar Named Desire 1984

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A Streetcar Named Desire 1984

Post by Rhino2_UK on Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:54 am

0:18:55 Ann-Margret cream fullslip 20 seconds
0:29:45 Ann-Margret cream fullslip 1 minute 44 seconds
0:32:56 Ann-Margret cream fullslip 3 minutes 23 seconds
0:41:40 Ann-Margret cream fullslip 45 seconds
1:23:58 Ann-Margret cream fullslip 5 minutes 4 seconds
1:32:00 Ann-Margret cream fullslip 6 seconds
1:44:58 Ann-Margret white fullslip 11 seconds

AM getting dressed, cream fullslip, lace at hem and bodice, ribbon straps.
Later removes her dress same slip. Robe over the dress, slip peaks out several times.
AM dressing, white fullslip, pretty lace at hem and bodice, shiny, ribbon straps.

Clips with some slip


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