belted dress

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belted dress

Post by wildwillie on Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:46 pm

8/22/2013 stopped by the local micky d's for breakfast got my order just got seated a thirty something lady dressed in a nice looked like a mauve dress mid- thigh length light hose maybe a 2-3 inch heels what caught my eyes was it was belted 'I thought there could be a chance I watched her pay for her order bingo as she reached for her order tray a slight peekfor a moment of white lace finished my breakfast try to wait for her to get up finally she finished got up out of her seat the dress had rode about 1 in. a stayed like that because the dress had caught in the belt lucky for me she was parked in the same area as me she was alone so she had nobody to warn her of her of her slip showing...hope this did not become a rant but a real live show is worth reporting


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