Are You Being Served 1977

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Are You Being Served 1977

Post by Rhino2_UK on Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:53 am

There were many British 30-minute sit-coms that were opened out into a feature length film, particularly in the 70s. Sending the cast abroad on a holiday was a much used theme. In this one the staff of 'Grace Brothers' are in Spain, I think. They were staying at a hotel but for some reason had to use tents on at least one night. This led to opportunity for classic farce staples such as people wandering into the wrong tent. Conchita a rather pretty waitress, played by Karan David with a foreign accent, who wasn't one of the regular TV cast, thought that 'Mr Humphreys' would be able to take her back to Britain with him; she went into the wrong tent and removed her robe to reveal a short white fullslip with generous lace at bust and hem and shoestring straps. In my estimation she moved from rather pretty to absolute knockout. Unfortunately she realised her mistake all too soon and put the robe back on.

There were some slip peeks in some of the TV episodes too.


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