Wife's awesome slip show

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Wife's awesome slip show

Post by unixman72000 on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:27 am

I'm lucky enough to be married to a "slip wearer" as has been reported in previous issues of various slip forums that have existed.

Well, I've got an yet another awesome account of my wife's slip wearing escapades for us all to enjoy.

One of her favourite dresses, dark blue, A-line, knee length, usually worn with one of her 24 inch white BHS half slips. The lengths of both slip and dress are perfect as the 4 inch lace trim of the half slip shows almost exactly 4 inches below her dress hem. Only when she reaches up does some of the plain shiny white material make an appearance.

We were getting ready for a barbecue with some friends, and this particular dress was draped neatly on the bed with a different slip to the aforementioned BHS slip. I recognised the slip as "her old faithful" M&S half slip, again in white, and this has a gorgeous 6 inch floral lace trim, BUT it is 29 inches long! With a high degree of excited expectation (and hope), when she got dressed, instead of the usual 4 inches beautifully on show, she had 9 inches (yes 9 inches!) showing! Oh boy! I said nothing for a while and a good half hour passed where she left her slip as it was. I was wondering (in my predicament) if I could ever leave the house. (Know what I mean?!).

Just before we left for our friends house she said, "I will have to turn the top of this slip over so that only (only! and that's 6 inches!) the lace is showing." Which she did, so there was now about 5 inches of lace peeking out from below. We sat on the sofa waiting for the taxi whilst I was calming down, my wife busied herself getting up and sitting down again, getting the wine and the cards we needed to take. After about 10 minutes the taxi arrived. She got up off the sofa again and the top of her slip had managed to "un-turn" itself completely because she had 9 inches of slip on show again, back where she'd started.

I opened the taxi door, and as she bent over the dress dropped a couple of inches at the front BUT rose up more so at the back. She briefly had about 12 inches of her slip showing. WOW! I was finding it difficult to not show MY attributes so to speak.

There is lots more to tell from the barbecue, another time perhaps...



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