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Post by Rhino2_UK on Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:42 pm

Less than 7 minutes in, Gina McKee was trying on a dress, there were about 5 seconds in which she seemed to be wearing a caramel coloured slip with no lace.
About 24 minutes in Vicky Krieps(VK) takes off her dress so that Daniel Day-Lewis(DDL) can put a kind of template on which he pins into place. There's about 10 seconds of her in a white fullslip, possibly cotton, spaghetti straps, a pale blue ribbon running around the top of the bust in a bow at the front. The hem was not in shot.
About 27 minutes in, VK takes off the template so that DDL can take her measurements. There's about 3 minutes of her in white fullslip, her suspender belt can just about be seen through the slip. We see the blue ribbon at the bust from closer in. She's not wearing a bra. At the hem there is a row of pale blue ribbon, below that the slip fills out in a sort of flounce for a few inches. It looks like it could be a sort of rough lace in the flounce, a close-up just looked like holes, no pattern. DDL covers her with a wrap.
Less than a minute later we see VK putting a different dress on over the same slip, about 7 seconds
At about 43 minutes in DDL is hosting a fashion show at his house, back stage we get a brief glimpse of a model putting a dress on over her black fullslip.
The best scene is about 59 minutes in and lasts just over a minute. A Belgian princess (Lujza Richter) and her entourage are at DDL's fashion house for their dresses for the royal wedding. There may have been 5 women standing being measured or sitting around waiting in their slips. The princess was wearing a strapless fullslip with lace skirt. All the others were conventional white fullslips.
What would be really good is if the DVD Extras had rather more of this particular scene.


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