My wife's hold up's and the view in the bar!

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My wife's hold up's and the view in the bar!

Post by silky73 on Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:23 pm

Hi there,

Last night, myself and the wife decided to go out for the night for a few drinks in town. We got dressed up, and the wife looked gorgeous as usual. She wore a full length past the knees black and white print dress. Now what was so good about this night is that she does wear an underskirt all the time, but I did not know this time that she had one on... until later in the evening Surprised 

We where walking down the street to a bar, and she says to me that my hold ups are starting to fall down. Funny as this seems, she wanted to sort this out, so we stopped in the middle of the street, and she decided to pull her hold ups, up... good job there was nobody about much, IE, like on-coming traffic too lol.

Later in the bar, she was getting a little frustrated that the fact that they started to fall down again, and right in the middle of the bar, which had a few scattered people about at the time, she lifted her dress up right to her thieghs, which is when I sighted her underskirt, which was pale pink with inch or so of lace, and a slight split up the side. This was a visual treat if anybody was looking in this direction, as her dress was up for a good few seconds whilst she pulled up her hold ups. There was a man to my left, from which I am sure, he got a good view of it, but was pretending not to look. I found this quite exciting to experience, and was a great feeling.

Something you don't see everyday people... and was lovely Shocked 

Be Safe!

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