Slip Malfunctions

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Slip Malfunctions

Post by unixman72000 on Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:46 am

Over the years my wife has had quite a few "Slip Malfunctions" and her latest one is worth mentioning.

With her usual amount of half slip showing, four inches of white lace beautifully peeking out below a cream woollen knitted jersey dress, she was getting ready for work the other morning, when I noticed after about 10 minutes her slip started to drop down at the back. A few minutes later more slip started to appear as it dropped down some more, now with 6 inches showing at the front (4 inches of lace and 2 inches of plain white nylon) with 8 inches in total at the back. I commented to her, "Your slip is dropping down at the back, did you know?" She briefly remedied the situation and pulled the front of her slip up a couple of inches.

Five minutes later her slip had dropped back down again, and as it was now time to leave for work she put her coat on and I noticed she had about half an inch of lace showing below her coat and about 3 inches showing at the back! She had to wait a short while for her lift to work and when her friend arrived, a quick kiss goodbye, and she left for work. It was only then I noticed her slip had dropped down even more! She had about 5 inches showing below at the back of her coat, I couldn't see how much was showing at the front.

Shortly after that I rang her on her mobile, but no answer, so I texted her "Check your slip before you get to work!"

Around lunchtime I received a text back, "Thx, my slip has been dropping down all morning, up to 12 inches showing quite a few times, LOL. I must be careful when reaching up"

She returned home from work, walked in and WOW! Six inches showing below her coat, and when she took her coat off, 12 inches showing below her dress.

She said, "What a Slip Malfunction day I've had today!" She continued, "Everyone was so nice giving me gentle reminders, even got some wolf whistles and turned a few heads, but I never did completely lose my slip."


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