Wife back from vacation

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Wife back from vacation

Post by REGARDS on Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:57 pm

Wife was gone for a week, not much fun having her gone and no slip showing, well she is back and on a roll. Came home with 3 new slip and had to take me out and show them off, wrap skirt, dress, and button up the front skirt, 3 different out fits on 3 different days, had a good time as she showed off the new slips. Dinner, dancing, and shoe shoping, most nites the wind was blowing and showing all. She likes the wrap skirt best, doesn't have to do much for it to come open and show her slip. More to come later on the other 2 out fits. My wife is truely a slip lover and wearer, loves my reaction to her showing her slip.


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