Supermarket Slip Sighting

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Supermarket Slip Sighting

Post by unixman72000 on Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:07 am

Supermarket Sighting

Just once in a while, a slip sighting appears that "restores the faith."
Doing the weekly shopping with my wife (who wears and shows slips, but not showing today though), I was helping out and being somewhat bored in the process. Lo and behold, the boredom soon vanished when I spotted a blonde lady, knee length black dress, slightly shorter grey coat with half an inch of white lace peeking out below.

The shopping immediately became somewhat more worthwhile. My wife would send me off to get some particular item and I wouldn't rush back! This nice blonde lady, mid 40s, very plain looking but not unattractive by any means, was pushing her trolley and every so often, bending over in to the trolley or reaching up high to a shelf she would reveal 3 0r 4 inches of pretty white lace.

She was in the wine aisle and wanted a particular bottle on the top shelf which was right at the back. She reached up as high as she could showing all 4 inches of lace and 2 inches of plain white material, but couldn't get to the bottle she wanted.

She saw me (and I thought "Oh my God") and asked if I could reach and get the bottle. She said, "Would you be so kind and get that bottle for me please? I'm probably showing tons of my underskirt (slip), oops, silly me." I duly reached for the bottle, and she
thanked me kindly.

I met up with my wife again, and she enquired, "Where have you been?" I said nothing. We saw the blonde lady again in the car park, bending over in to the trolley and bending in to her car. Again her slip showing at times 3 or 4 inches. She closed her hatchback door, reaching up with both arms, and there it was again, one last flash, 4 inches of lace and 2 inches of plain white material.

Shopping's not so bad after all.


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