Wife's slip falling down

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Wife's slip falling down

Post by unixman72000 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:40 am

My wife had a "bad slip day" yesterday (or good slip day depending on your point ov view).

She was getting ready for work and wearing one of her usual BHS white half slips which has a 4 inch lace trim. This was beautifully matched up with a black and yellow flower patterned dress, long sleeved, A line, with almost all of the 4 inches of lace showing below her knee length dress hem. She wears her slips like this most days.

This morning however I noticed during breakfast she had significantly more of her slip showing, there was all the 4 inches of lace and also 4 inches of plain white nylon showing as well! I said to her, "You're showing much more slip than usual, did you know?" She replied in a slightly unconcerned way, "Oh I think this slip has probably fallen down to my hips."

She pulled it up to her waist, now with just the 4 inches of lace showing. Ten minutes later it was back down again. Soon after that she left for work with again all 4 inches of lace and 4 inches of plain white nylon showing. Her slip was down to mid calf.
Oh how I would have been a "fly on the wall" in her office today.

I received a string of text messages all day stating such like, "Slips fallen down again" and "I'm Snowing Down South big time".

When she returned home, she had once again 8 inches of slip hanging down. Soon after returning, we were in the kitchen preparing our evening meal, when she reached up with both arms high into one of the kitchen cupboards, whereupon her dress rode up a further 6 inches. I said, "Snowing Down South big time I see!" I could just make out her lace top stocking tops through the slip! She said, "Yes more than once today at work I've been told.

She pursed her lips, raised her eyebrows and with her finger on her lips quietly said Ooopps!"



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