Here Come The Huggetts 1948

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Here Come The Huggetts 1948

Post by Rhino2_UK on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:10 pm

It's an old British b/w film. About 18 minutes in Jack Warner goes upstairs to have a word with his niece/lodger, she invites him into her room even though she isn't dressed. In a scene that lasts about 30 seconds she's wearing a flared mini-fullslip. I'd say the slip is probably white adorned with lots of black lace, making for a deep hem and filing in the bust area, shoestring straps. IMDB has a still:

Possibly clearer here:

Right near the end of the film Susan Shaw is sitting on the stairs showing some petticoat and talking about whether or not she needs to wear stockings;


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