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Post by REGARDS on Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:06 pm

Who gets the better price a man or a woman? Buying a new car for my wifes birthaday, found the car she wanted and got the price I wanted. now my said she could get a better price by showing some slip and a little bra. Well she wore a v neck botton up the dress and a lace bra and slip, slip have slit up the front and the dress buttoned all but the last 2 buttons, well getting in and out of the car on the test ride ( me in the back set) was a great show, open dress and slit slip, the salesman told her to take a long drive, he having fun looking at her dress and slip, next all the bending over she did allowed the v neck to open and show the lace bra. After about 2 hours of this she asked for his best price, and told him she did not want to deal, he had one shot only, well he came back $2500 better than my price, so I guess if you show some slip and lace bra when buying a car you get a great price. After buying the car we went out to dinner and dancing and the show never stoped. Love my wife, loves wearing slips and showing them off any time.


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