Slip Glimpse Sighting Outside Where I work

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Slip Glimpse Sighting Outside Where I work

Post by silky73 on Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:33 pm

Hey there,

I managed to glance, and I say a glance at a peek of a slip today. I work in a shop, and the tills are based along side the front window bay, and this fairly attractive woman, who must of been in her mid 40s, and was wearing a black wavy dress that came down passed her knees, and jacket.

Now it was kind of warm today, but still with a slight breeze of wind. I just watched her as she was waiting to cross the road, and her dress started to wave in the wind. Now the first thing we think of is the obvious, but going by the latest sightings of late, I nearly turned a blind eye. But I decided to keep glancing at her, and love and behold, the wind blew her dress up flat against the back of her legs, just as she started to walk across the road and slightly raised it, and there was a lovely sighting of a white lacy hem from beneath her black dress. I couldn't believe it at first, so my eyes did not leave her as she continued to walk across the road. Unfortunately, I did not catch another glimpse, but what I did catch, it was lovely. I only wish I was able to walk out of the shop and follow her, but I was working Sad

I am going to be keeping an eye out in the future and hopefully catch a few more slip peeks on the street... it is surely lovely to see such a thing these days.

I hope the rest of you out there are looking, and please, report your findings on here, as this forum is quiet as of late, so keep looking people.

Be safe Smile

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