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Class Reunion

Post by REGARDS on Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:20 pm

Just got back from my 50th class reunion, alot of fun, but must say the older woman know how to dress. Most them wore dresses and most were wearing slips as the did back in school, many a slip were showing all night long, most while slow dancing, dresses would come up and slips would show. they all let them show because they liked the reaction they were getting, ever man was looking at all the ladies showing what we men loved playing with back then, my wife wore a black dress with a white slip, I love that look and so did alot of other men. We had a great time, and while eating I was lifting her dress to play with her silp under the table as we had done many time while in school, after leaving the reunion and driving home she took her dress off and stayed that way all the way home, had to stop a park and make out for a while on the way home. When we got home there was a party going on down the street and many people were out side, guess what she said, lets park out front and walk in like this, I carried her dress. how cool was that. Felt like we were back in school. Looking forward to another school night out real soon, maybe this time to a drive in movie, still have one about 40 miles away, maybe another no dress ride home.


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